Thursday, January 8, 2015

You’re invited to a one day only People’s Pity Party!

 Last night I hosted my first party of the year – my first Pity Party. And damn it, I deserved it! And I’m willing to bet, right about now, I’m far from alone.

You're invited to a one day only People's Pity Party!

 How is it I came to find myself wrapped in a blankie, whining like a spoiled two year old? Because my body, like so many other chronically illin’ bodies, is currently NOT playing nice. As a matter of fact, it’s not even playing the same damn game. And I am totally over it!


 What most folks who don’t cohabitate with something that sounds as unassuming as Fibromyalgia don’t understand is, on our best days, those with Fibro feel like they have a minor case of the flu. The all-over body aches, the exhaustion, the foggy headed thing? It is all there, ALL the time.

 But that’s OK. Believe it or not, you find a way to get used to it. You learn how to live around and despite it and you keep on keepin’ on, baby.

 Until something as boring as the real flu hits. SONOFABITCH! You’d think that the two sets of symptoms would cancel each other out. (OK, you wish they would!) But the shiz-nit actually snowballs, making you feel extra special crappy, unbelievably exhausted, and completely unable to think your way out of the blanket fort you’ve sequestered yourself inside of.

 And it hangs on forevvvvvverrrrrrrr. Because life enjoys a good joke as much as the next moron who doesn’t know when to quit.

 For many of us with Fibro, it ain’t our only trip on the “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!” ride. Personally, I have a lovely little autoimmune called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. The good news is, my Rheumy has found a med that’s beginning to make a positive difference in my quality of life. The bad news is, it’s a type of chemo drug known as Methotrexate that I inject into ye ole bod once a week, where it works hard to bring my malfunctioning immune system to heel.

 So, now we’ve got a compromised immune system to add to the Fibro-Flu. Shake it all up and what do ya get? Nothing good, as in a damn yeast infection in my mouth (MY ever-lovin’ MOUTH, y’all!) and some kind of pink eye crap that, since my boo-hooing yesterday morning, has spread to both damn eyes.

 “Why don’t you just go to the Doctor,” you ask? A cold snap that’s breaking all kinds of records and one of the worst flu seasons in years means there are NO Doctor’s appointments to be had before flippin’ FEBRUARY.

 Yep. Someone stick a fork in my ass because I am DONE! (Cue the sad violin music.)

Whiners Welcome

  As far as I’m concerned, I’m allowed to be completely over it. Mainly because I’m pretty sure I’m still human and we humans may have some amazing abilities in the adapt and overcome arena, but we’re also pretty skilled at reaching our breaking points.

 So, because I seem to have lost Mother Nature’s number and can’t call and tell her how many big ones she can suck, I’ve decided I’ll just open my personal Pity Party up to the interwebz and see if we can turn it into a freakin’ RAVE!

 So what d’ya say? How about you party with me by adding what it is you’re absolutely OVER in the comments and join my one day only People’s Pity Party?

 All sarcasm and dark humor welcome! (Because misery really does love company, especially when that company makes ’em laugh.)


  1. Myself I'm absolutely over the fact that I've had not one but two full on epileptic seizures since new year. Every muscle in my body hurts like a bastard and I'm at work because they're short staffed. Brilliant!
    PS I really do hope you feel better soon 🙂

    1. HOLY CRAP! No wonder you're over it!
      So, I gotta ask, does the weather affect your epilepsy? Is cold worse than hot? Want me to go to work for you? (I'm not sure what you do, but it could make for an interesting day. *evil grin*)
      And thanks. *hugs*

    2. If I get too warm it brings on the epilepsy… so conversely because it's so cold at the moment, everyone whacks their heating on full and I end up too warm.

      This is what I do, you are welcome to take over for a little while: *even more evil grin*

      You're welcome 😉

    3. I just laughed to the point I had a coughing fit! It's official, I bow down to your self control and patience!
      My first Hubby was in support in the late 90's for one of those place that sold you computers so you could work from home in your pajamas? The stories!!! My favorite was the woman who called and said the computer was possessed by Satan and she'd locked it in her closet until someone could come get it. Seems when she plugged it in and turned it on, it spoke to her….
      Yep, you have the patience of a Saint!

  2. Hmmm a Pity Party I can get in on that, Been dealing with a flare up since New Years Day. It just is not settling down at all. I figure it has to be the extra cold weather messing things up. On top of that seems that my insulin maker isn't working so good. Add that to the winter boo-hoos and I am a sick and tired specimen of womanhood. I have had enough of winter and it isn't even February yet

    1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry! This Winter…it was cold, it warmed up, then it got COLD. Mother Nature needs hormone replacement therapy!
      I'll find some recipes for low carb brownies and make them for our party so they'll be easier on your insulin maker. We'll put on some loud music and scream-sing with it as we flip Winter the double bird! *hugs*

  3. I don't have the physical stuff that you have, but I do have BPD and bipolar 2 and a propensity to get upper respiratory shit a lot. So I suffered at home with OTC stuff for a week and finally went to see the "doc" on call at our regular clinic on Saturday. The jackass had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't really that sick, he could tell by looking at me that it really wasn't the flu, and I should go home and drink some whiskey. Mind you, my mom was sitting there with me because I didn't feel like I could drive.

    So I guess I'm over docs who don't take us seriously.

    1. Wait – this guy actually prescribed whiskey!?! Without even listening to you breathe? I mean, it may not be the flu, but there are other things a person can get, like upper respiratory infections! What a flippin' JACKASS!
      I hope you feel better quickly so you don't have to pay for another trip for antibiotics. *passes kleenex*

    2. well, I can tell you from another pup on the chronically ill ride…

      when you're on the quest for antibiotics… sometimes going to the dentist is the easier thing to do.

      my salute to the pity parade has been the problems with insurance as the magical phrase "quality of life" hasn't gotten me too far since I've moved out into the middle of nowhere.

      so, it's left me with a local and public clinic, rotating doctors, and the fun of having to re-convince each one I'm not a junkie, that when I'm asking for antibiotics or complaining of related symptoms it's not code word for I want pain pills…. or being treated as if I'm the scum of the earth for taking up their precious time because I've been around the block enough times to know when my lungs are filled with fluid.

      So, I find going to my local dentist is easier all around… albeit it does probably help my dental has gone to complete and utter shit since my diagnosis has come out of the medicine cabinet.

      There are other peeps that can prescribe antibiotics too… so that might serve as an alternative if you're having problems with your current doc but can't afford a change just yet.

  4. I have Fibromyalgia too. Just a minor case, but I can relate on some level. But that's not what I'm here to complain about. I'm here to bitch about the fact that I'm trying like gang busters to stave off post-holiday, January, Winter blahs, the usual extended family/mother issues bullshit, feelings of career inadequacy and underachievement, and doing what I think is a fairly fine job, and then my husband had to go and get depressed and pull me down with him into his sorry abyss. That just pisses me off. So now I'm pissed too. Oh, AND my coffee just got cold while I was typing this, goddammit! lol

  5. Damnit Linda, now I feel guilty for the cold coffee. Ya know, I could deal with the freakin' cold and snow if it wasn't for the gloomy days and the damn blahs!
    I seriously wonder if our ancestors dealt with seasonal crap. Maybe there's an herb we could make a tea out of that'd help or something. *sigh*
    Hope you find your magic mojo, my friend, because you really do rock! *hugs*