Friday, April 5, 2013

With The Wealth Of Gates

If I could do anything as a Health Activist…” Think big today! Money/ time/ physical limitations are no longer an issue. What is your biggest goal that is now possible?”
  Good morning! Ya know, I’m betting those of you who have been with me a while are looking at today’s prompt and you’re all like, “World Media Domination, baby!” But just because I can’t ever do anything that’s expected of me, I actually put some thought into this one!
  Besides, today is Top Ten List day and WMD would only count as one. So if I suddenly woke up and had the wealth of Bill Gates (who surveys show has now surpassed the wealth of the fabled King Midas), here is what I’d do with it, besides the usual pay off all my bills and what-not.
     Top Ten Altruistic Uses For My Newfound Wealth (Which is really just 5 ‘cause I got kinda wordy):
     1) One of the awesome blogs I’ve found over the last few years is The Chronic Marriage. I wanna take it a step further and create The Chronic Family Magazine.
  Let’s face it, this shiz-nit affects the entire family, so why not have a publication that can address this wider circle? (Possibly an e-zine to make it completely accessible and free to read?)
  Also, it’d have a special section in every issue specifically for teens. In the past, I met enough teenagers on Tumblr learning to live with chronic illness to know that they face a world of entirely different problems. This would be a place for their views, tips, and concerns.
     2) Laugh A Little Foundation. The first years of learning to integrate this crap into your life is so flippin’ HARD mentally, emotionally and financially. This would be an organization kinda like Make A Wish, only working with the entire family.
  And I’m not talking trips to Disney World or Six Flags, I’m talking things that would ease the stress enough to give everyone breathing and, hopefully, laughing room.
  Perhaps it’s as simple as a once-a-week maid service. Maybe it’s someone to come in and prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals that can be defrosted and popped in the oven nightly. Maybe it’s a Nanny that can give a hand during those times of horrible fatigue.
  Whatever it takes to give the family time to focus on the bigger picture as everyone learns to live with this new, permanent “house guest.”

     3) Medical Mystery Club. Hellz yeah! It’s like a Mystery Dinner, only way better because all the guests would be Docs and NP’s and, for lack of a better analogy, the “victim” would be an undiagnosed illin’ person.
  All the Guests would be given copies of the current Patient File and without any further tests, they do their best to be a Dr. House and diagnose the Patient.
  At the end of the evening, all “guesses” are written on pieces of paper and put in a sealed box.
  When the Patient is finally diagnosed, the Guest with the correct guess wins…Bragging Rites! (Perhaps an honorary Dr, House Crown constructed of bitterness, sarcasm, and broken dreams? *falls over in fit of uncontrollable giggles*)
     4) Sticks-And-Stones. A friend’s post this morning about her dance classes gave me the idea. (Thanks Ms. Gwen-tastic, the purple haired Lupus Goddess!) So, it’d be similar to STOMP! if STOMP! was a Dance Troupe full of folks with chronic illnesses instead of super trendy young hipsters.
  It wouldn’t matter if your signature move was rolling your eyes, anyone can dance or make a rhythm. Think about it, this could not only be a great way to get some exercise and have a blast, but also an awesome way to prove that just because we may have glitches doesn’t mean we still can’t create something beautiful and fun.
OK, I’m just gonna cheat here since I kinda wrote the same post (only TOTALLY different, since it wasn’t a Top Ten List thingy) for the WEGO NHBPM November Challenge with Ghost of Seuss. This was the post where I outlined the House I’d build where;
“…There’d be laughter, some tears
      There’d be people like you
      Who knew just exactly
      What you’re going through…”

  So there ya have it, Friday’s cheater list. I’m just curious, what would you guys do if you were wealthy? (Once again, paying bills is a given. GEEZE!)
PS Here are a few “rejected ideas”
Build-A-Cane. Like Build A Bear, only not.
Pimp My Ride for Wheelchairs and Scooters
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