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The Short Version

 My name is Chris Dean. (aka pixiecd) I’m married to an amazingly tolerant man who swears he doesn’t mind putting up with me. We live in Indiana with our four adult-kids and the petting zoo I have systematically managed to turn our home and yard into. (cats, dogs, chickens, Muscovy ducks, and geese)

This is MY life and I WILL find

a way to celebrate EVERY day!

  The Adventure

  Humor has always been the way I’ve dealt with the good, the bad, and the ugly of life, so it made sense that it was also how I chose to deal with autoimmune disease and all the “fun and games” that goes with it.

   I started writing in late 2011 as a way to keep myself sane while I was dealing with the uncertainties of the diagnostic process. Since then, it’s morphed into a way to help others, both those living with chronic illness and those who aren’t, remember to laugh a little every day.

  Five to six days a week, I share acts of stupidity, life with adult Offspring, and tales of homicidal birds. Every once in a while I even include information on life with chronic illness.

   I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE should be an educated, empowered patient working with their Docs, as we are each and every one of us our own best advocate.

End The Stigma

  In the beginning, I had absolutely NO intention of writing about my mental glitches. Somewhere along the way I realized far too many people live with the stigma associated with Mental Illness. (And I was one of them for far too many years.) 

I believe it’s important to talk about mental health because silence only feeds the stigma and shame and NO ONE should ever have to feel ashamed of any part of themselves.

My handsome Hubby

The Rest Of It

   In 2012 I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma and Fibromyalgia. In early 2013 the Sclero was changed-up to Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease; an autoimmune beastie that’s attacking my muscles.

  I also live with panic disorder, moderate agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. It basically just means Hubby REALLY won the Crazy Wife Jackpot.

Offspring and their Grandpa.

 Speaking of Hubby, we’ve been married for close to 13 years. We live in the country, half an hour outside of town, in the house my Grandpa built.

  Our four Offspring range in age from 19 to 23, every 18 months like clockwork. The Oldest hangs out in his basement bachelor pad while Middle Son has his own Fortress of Solitude in town. The Girl and The Boy are my ever-present Sidekicks (read as “babysitters”) and I’d be seriously lost without them.

   I am a world-class music junkie with a serious iTunes addiction, read non-stop, recovering binge-knitter, Domestic Poultry Goddess, and, according to hubby, I don’t have hobbies, I have revolving obsessions. (This month it’s Instagram.)

Contact Info

 If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! 

 You can drop me an email at chris@pixiecd.com or you can message me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+

Hey, I had to fit a bird picture in here somewhere, didn’t I?


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    • I think you could be on to something. Of course, we’d probably end up looking like a game of musical chairs, since it sounds like neither one of us can sit long in one position. (I stink at commenting,but I really do read your blog. *grin*)
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