Taking back what’s yours

(Read in the voice of Stan Lee)
  As the Sun rises on day whatever-the-heck-it-is of our trip to Flaresville, we find our unlikely heroine curled up in her couch nest, cell phone in hand, madly pushing buttons.

  When last we saw her, she was preparing for a visit with Baby Face, the frustrated Rheumy. It would appear all did not go as planned when, in an attempt to thwart the Pain Beastie, Baby Face tweaked her meds.

  Even though the Pain Beastie is slowly sulking back to the gloom from which he emerged, the tweaking has left our girl foggy headed and unable to think her way out of a wet, paper bag. Let us hope, for the sake of all that is good in this world, none of Flaresville’s Super Villains are aware of this dire situation…

  (Overactive imagination? No! Not me!)

  Good morning! Hey, y’all remember back in May I caught some SERIOUS stupid while the bod was adjusting to the new med Baby Face added to my cocktail? Yeah well, he upped the dose on it. And now? I’d make a bag of hammers look like flippin’ Einstein!

  So, while we’re waiting on my brain to remember how to work, I thought I’d share with you guys what I’ve been doing while hiding from any and everyone who expects a fully-growed-up woman to be able to string words together in a coherent manner; taking pictures!

  Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Back to that again, right? Not exactly. It all kinda goes hand-in-hand with last Friday’s “I want my life back!” tantrum.

  As hubby was teasing me about my current so-called obsession (yeah, it totally is) with tweaking my bad pictures, it hit me that this is one of the ways I’ve managed to whoop The Flare’s ass.

  I have ALWAYS had to have something “creative” to do to keep myself from going even nuttier than I already am. In my “former life” I knitted, crocheted, and spun yarn to feed that deep-down need. I also did off-beat things like carve bone and horn and sculpt with polymer clay.

  Then the auto immune creature began attacking my muscles, one of the first things to go was the knitting and fiber arts. I have yet to find a way to hold any form of needle or crochet hook that doesn’t send my hands and wrists into a tail-spin, resulting in DAYS of pain and useless hands.

  That was when I started the whole doodling thing. SWEET! A new way to get my artsy-fartsy ya-yas out! And life was good because my family was safe from my creativity-backup rage.

  Right up until my thumb joint went BOOM! Holding a pencil to even write my name? Yeah…not so much, let alone doodle anything. (Because it would appear the muscle eating bastard has a wicked sense of humor.)

  Enter the whole photo editing thingy. Even though part of me considers it cheating, the part with the loudest mouth considers it kinda creative, once more supplying me with an artsy-fartsy outlet and providing the family unit some assurance that Mom isn’t gonna lose her shit all over the place (unless we’re talking in the literal sense. But that’s a different story.) because she’s too busy tweaking pictures of weird junk she’s found in the yard.

  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked to a LOT of folks currently doing battle with The Flare. Even though we all deal with different symptoms and/or illnesses, the one thing we’ve gots in common is we’re all angry and thrown off-balance by the inability to keep on keeping’ on with some of the things in life we loved doin’ the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s knitting, gardening, or road trippin’ on a Harley, these were things that brought us joy. Things that have moved to just outside the Realm of Possibility and left no forwarding address.

  Basically, all I was trying to say today was this; in the end it’s NOT about what your own personal beastie took from you, but how and what you decided to take back. Because a life without laughter and joy isn’t really livin’, it’s just existing.

  For me, I found a way to snatch my creativity out of its hungry little jaws. What was it for you? How and what have you taken back?

PS If you have a digital camera and a sense of adventure, you can join me in October’s Photo A Day challenge. It’s not only fun to take the pics, but cool as hell to see what everyone else comes up with! You don’t even need an Instagram account. You can play on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or your blog.
You can find the prompts and the FAQs HERE.

PPS  For those of you who are like me and shake like an off-balance washing machine on spin, Camera Zoom FX (iPhone Android) is the best app since sliced bread! (Which isn’t really an app, just a saying.) Under “settings” it has a “stabilizer” option which works like a flippin’ GEM!

PPPS  A monster THANK YOU!!!! to Barbara Storey who, whether she knows it or not, has been like my Instagram Fairy Godmother and Sherpa all rolled into one! I’m tellin’ you guys, she is one heck of an amazing photographer and pic tweaker!

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