Monday, April 8, 2013

One Of A Kind

If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe? Today’s post was recommended by Christina of”
 One bright, sunny day, a little girl named Maggie sat down on the bank of a lovely blue river. As she watched the water flow past, she thought about how sick she had been lately and how none of her Doctors seemed to know why.

 As she sat thinking, an odd little animal wandered up to her. “Hello!” he said. “Why do you look so sad?”
 Maggie blinked at the little brown creature talking to her. “I’m sick,” she replied, “and no one can figure out why.”
 “Oh!” he exclaimed. “Well, my name’s Ducky and I think you should come with me. I’m going to see the Council of Wise Ones to find out what I am. Maybe they could help you too.”
 When she heard this, Maggie cheered up. “That would be WONDERFUL!”

 So off they went, Maggie with her cane and Ducky with his tail.
 After what seemed like FOREVER, Maggie and Ducky came to a cave in the side of a beautiful, pink mountain. “This is where the Council meets,” said Ducky.

 Maggie took a deep breath then the two of them walked through the longest, darkest tunnel Maggie had ever seen. It was so long that she started to believe she’d never see the end of it.
 Just when she was beginning to lose hope, they emerged from the darkness into a giant room filled with light and the sounds of laughter.

 At the far end of the giant room, five people stood on a kind of platform. They were all wearing bright, colorful robes and talked amongst themselves. This was definitely NOT what Maggie had expected.
 One of the bright people turned as Maggie and Ducky approached the platform. Maggie swallowed hard as she tried to calm her nerves. “Are you the Council?” She asked.
“Yes child,” the one in the red robe said, “we are.”
 All the Council members gather closer to Maggie and Ducky.
 “Come closer, young ones, and tell us what you’d like to know,” the green robe said in the nicest voice.

 Ducky looked at Maggie. “You go first,” he said
 Maggie bravely stood tall and with her chin held high, she told them about her Mystery Illness that no one seemed to be able to figure out. One day her joints were so swollen she couldn’t walk. He next day her joints were fine, but her stomach was a mess. Maybe the next day her stomach was fine, but her muscles were like cooked spaghetti. And then there was the pain. ALWAYS the pain.

 The Council turned their heads toward Ducky. “Tell us, why are you here?”
 Ducky did his lizard-crawl up to the Council and told them of his confusion over what he was. He had a bill like a duck, feet like an otter, a tail like a beaver, and fur like a mole. He spoke of his hope that they could help him figure out where he fit in.
 The Council put their heads together, whispering back and forth. Every now and then Maggie was sure she heard giggling.
 After a few minutes, the Council again turned to Maggie and Ducky. “It seems to us,” they said, “that you two are much alike.”
 The red robe looked at Maggie. “Maggie, there’s Lupus, RA, Scleroderma, and Myositis. You have bits and pieces of all of them, but you have none of any of them. You, my dear, have Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.
 “Your immune system can’t seem to make up its mind which part of you it thinks is an invader, so it changes its attack, sometimes day to day. Your life will always be a surprise, sometimes good and sometimes not so good.”

 The Council then turned to Ducky. “Ducky, there’re ducks, otters, beavers, and moles. You have bits and pieces of all of them, but none of any of them. You, my friend, are a Duck Billed Platypus.
 “To other animals you will always be a surprise. You swim like an otter, lay eggs, and walk like a lizard. You are one-of-a-kind!”
 They then smiled bigger as they continued. “It’s no accident you two met. Maggie, your health is like Ducky, many different things all rolled into one. You are one of a kind and that’s why you’ll always be a surprise to your Doctors. They’ll just never know what’s going to happen next.”
 Maggie and Ducky looked at each other and smiled the biggest smiles they’d smiled in a very long time!

 Together they thanked the Council for its help and began their walk back home. As they left, the tunnel didn’t seem so long or scary because this time they knew that eventually there’d be light waiting for them at the other end.

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