Friday, May 29, 2015

It Is Never Too Late and You Are Never Too Old!

Hi! My name is Jody and I blog at Truth2beingfit. I am 57 years old .. or young, ;). I have been working out since my early 20’s BUT I do know overweight. I grew up a kid that got heavy young, lived with the teasing that came along with that, carried it into adulthood and yes, sometimes still sees that little fat kid in the mirror. Lucky for me I see that kid very rarely these days but it took years & years to get there.

Why do I tell you this – I want you to learn from my mistakes. Not just the eating mistakes although there were plenty of those. Once I lost weight, I went the crazy route – only salads, not enough protein & healthy fats, no balance in life food. It took me into my 30’s and even 40’s to really get this down correctly. Now, I still change things up based on age & what my body is telling me.
I also had to learn the balance of workouts. I had to learn that no rest days lead to burnout & injury.. I also had to learn to listen to my body. I wrote a post about that Wednesday.
Chris wrote me and asked if I would guest post for her. She wrote this: YEARS ago, I lifted like a fiend. So I know all the benefits and how good it can make you feel. The difference is then I was starting from a place of healthy. Now, well…triceps kickbacks with a 1 pound weight break me out in a sweat from head to toe. I guess I want others in my situation to know they can get back control of their lives, even if it’s baby steps and you are great at putting that concept into words.
Chris made my day & month & year! WHY? This – The thing I love about Chris is that she got my message! I am not just out to reach hard-core lifters or weight lifting people only. I am trying to reach all ages & sexes to just do what is right for you; It is all OK whether you can do a little or a lot. She got that is was NOT about me.. it was about HER & what she can do for herself! We can’t compare ourselves to other people – it is only about you & what is right & works for you!

I think we are so caught up in comparing ourselves to others. Social media, movies, TV and magazines do a trip on us – especially women & older people and honestly, the “not pretty people”. Heck I did it for too many years to count! I still catch myself doing it. I am always a work in progress, always learning. I don’t pretend to not fall into that trap. I GET IT! That hard part is understanding & knowing that no matter what, you are enough at every stage of your journey – no matter how slow it may be for you!
YES, I have worked out for years but I was once a beginner too! I have been a beginner many times in my life! We all have & will be again! It is called life and trying & falling & getting back up. It is not failure. It is trying and learning!
I wrote a post about comparison is a thief. There are some great motivational quotes in there that may help you. You can’t compare yourself to me or anyone else. Quite honestly, we don’t even know what has gone on in other’s lives behind the scenes.
Read Chris’s About Post! WOW!!!! She is not giving up! She is starting from a new place for her. She is not giving up!
Even when I write to people that have no illness, no injury, no roadblocks. I always tell them to take baby steps. We all start at the beginning at some point. YES, it is hard. YES, it takes patience… BUT you have to be kind to yourself. Never look at anything as a failure. IT IS LEARNING! So you mess up or miss a day or week. NEVER GIVE UP… just get back to it. Move on & forward. Any step forward is a step.
I hope this has helped. I hope you are motivated TO TRY no matter what your situation. I hope that you know it is OK to not be the best or the fittest or the prettiest or anything else. YOU ARE ENOUGH! It took me a long time to get there – Into my late 40’s and 50’s! Learn it young or learn it now because YOU ARE ENOUGH!
Thank you so much Chris for asking me to contribute to your blog! HUGS!
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