Friday, June 20, 2014

And THIS is why it's dangerous to dream!

  The world famous author gracefully floated into her office with an elegant confidence born from the knowledge that she was not only one of the top in her field, but one of the greatest of her generation.

  She listened intently to her best friend’s voice coming through the headset. “I’m off this weekend and thought we could get together for drinks.”

 “I’d looovvee to, but I’ll be in New York for a book signing. My latest has gone double platinum and the fans just can’t get enough!”

  Something about the words didn’t quite sound right. She wrinkled her delicate brow into the cutest expression of puzzlement, as she tried to shake off the mild confusion. She approached her magnificent desk and…

  …stepped square in the middle of a fresh hairball, sending her on a short skid, arms waving like some terrifying, spaztacular windmill!

  She looked like a one-legged, waltzing elephant as she fought to regain her balance. Which would be when she became tangled in the cord of her headset, simultaneously yanking her head backwards and half ripping off her left ear.

  She slammed her right hip into the corner of her desk, tripped over the chair and sent the clean laundry from the basket she’d been carrying on her left hip, flying EVERYWHERE!

  Including into the hairball.

  “…Chris? CHRIS? You OK? I heard crashing…”

  The not-so-world-famous-because-she-hasn’t-even-written-anything author suddenly remembered that books don’t go platinum, her office is in her living room, and she was so far removed from graceful, that the English language hadn’t even invented a word for it yet. Also, that she lacked the gene that allows people to walk and talk at the same time.

  And THIS, my friends, is why it’s dangerous to dream.


  1. Something tells me you may be equally graceful! *grin*

  2. Don't worry, I'll just keep doing' what I do until then.

  3. What a great dream, I don't actually remember the last time I dreamt, I certainly don't remember anything.

  4. Valerie, you're too kind! (But I'll still start working on my speech. *grin*)

  5. Swiss cheese memory is a terrible thing. (Although it does make for a great excuse when you forget something you didn't want to do anyway. He he he)