Monday, August 20, 2012

A Seussian Tragedy

My body was flaring; I was too tired to play.
So I sat in the house on the computer all day.
I was too bored to write, too tired to make a call
So I sat on the couch doing nothing at all.

I sat with my laptop, just sat there feeling blue.
That’s when I got the idea; I knew just what to do!
I’d do some social networking, making contacts on-line.
Forget about my nerves, I figured I’d be fine!

So I typed in the URL and hit enter with a click.
Now I’m sitting and staring, all the choices make me sick!
There’s Pinterest and LinkedIn, there’s Twitter and more.
There’s Facebook and Tumblr and I just found my Klout score.

How will I survive if my blog is unlisted?
Without a Stat counter, I won’t know who has visited.
Oh the colors, the questions, the info they ask.
But they say I need all so in glory I may bask.
I’m followed by Tweet-bots, I think I followed some back.
I added a widget, now my Facebook’s been hacked!
Oh the options, the add-ons, the “free” and the “pay”.
This is turning out to be one long, exhausting day.

By nightfall my head was spinning like a top.
The only thing I knew was this joining had to stop!
But which ones should I keep, which ones to let go?
If someone was searching for me, how would I know?

I have to keep Facebook, it’s the biggest network.
But if I don’t have Twitter, I’ll look like a jerk.
I gotta have Klout to track the influence I exert,
And I HAVE to be LinkedIn if I hope to find work.

Pinning is just fun, so that one has to stay.
And I just claimed my blog on Technorati today.
Without the listing sites I won’t know if I exist.
So I’m back where I started and beginning to get pissed.

I wish I could awaken to find it all was a dream.
But instead I get Tweets from the whole Twitter Team.
I’m trapped in a Timeline, I see I’ve been Pinned,
E-Mail says my Klout dropped, I know this is the end.

Now I’m on BlogHer and SheWrites and Cracked.
I’m a part of the Network, there’s no turning back!
I really need to write on the blog claimed as mine.
But I’m so busy networking, I no longer have time.

Let this be a lesson, let it stand as a warning.
If you ever wake-up bored and curious one morning,
Don’t do it, just say, “NO!” This I promise to you,
You’ll end up confused and lost in cyber-space too!

Bonbon Break

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