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What to look for when hiring a cleaning service

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When it gets to hiring some professional cleaning-service, some factors are required to be brought into attention before a conclusive decision is attained. Numerous housekeeping-service providers remain available now. But, it’s influential for one to select the best of among it all to have one’s residential or either commercial area cleaned on a skillful way. Following are some factors, which are required to be recognized by one to enjoy these advantages about professional house-cleaning services which ensure clean & tidy environment all these time.
• Kinds of washing products both use: – Normally, cleaning produce include toxic-chemicals, which could have some harsh effect at the environmental wellness of one’s home or office. Washing service givers select cheap products when providing these best potential results.
  • Trained-professionals – Be sure these companies you’re hiring own a team-of well-trained expert. The organization should ensure its complete staff upon damages or injuries created while operating in one’s space. If the company needs to make so, this shows negligence on its section to confirm that these services given by it aren’t worthy.
• Organization sends these same washing maids each day: – This remains actually an important factor while it gets on considering an expert cleaning assistance, for consistency is the vital component in the business. If these houses cleaning Toowoomba-company hired on you sends these same-team or either maid each day, it would mean that she’s getting satisfied with one’s home, that’s essential too.
• If these company you’re hiring is protected: – This would provide one safety in-case you get one of these cleaners taking something from one’s house. Understanding that these companies remains insured would help one get peace-of mind. One should too ensure if these companies would cover collisions caused on its staff at your area.
• If these company-screens its team members:– While you’re permitting strangers to get to one’s home to house-cleaning Toowoomba, that will remain in & around one’s house, one needs to guarantee that both are reliable & trustworthy. One must ask a company if the analysis should been made on them on the staff’s experience to examine if both have some fair or clean-record.
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how to clean your kitchen

Despite the kitchen being the heart of your home, it gets dirty easily and fast. Cleaning up the kitchen is actually the downside of cooking at home. The kitchen can get out of hand really quickly if neglected. You don’t have to wait for the weekend for your thorough cleaning of the kitchen. Deep cleaning can be done with as little as 20 minutes daily, provided one has the effective tips of a successful kitchen cleaning exercise. I’d recommend using a professional home cleaning services for anyone who is lazy like me! HOW OFTEN SHOULD KITCHEN CLEANING BE DONE?
It is highly recommended to carry out the cleaning process daily. However the need to clean different appliances may vary in regularity. The following is a classification of how different appliances need cleaning attention. Appliances to be cleaned daily
  • Ensure to wipe down the sink after loading the dishwasher or doing the dishes.
  • Clean the stove top.
  • Wipe down all the counters.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor.
Weekly cleaning
  • Mopping the floor.
  • Wiping the backs-plashes and cabinets.
  • Washing your dish rack.
  • Wiping the interior of the garbage can.
Seasonal cleaning
  • Emptying the fridge and scrub it down.
  • Emptying the interiors of the utensil drawers and clean them.
  • Scrubbing down the exteriors and interiors of the cupboard and the cabinet.
  • The stove-hood filter should also be cleaned seasonally


A spokesman at cleaning sheepshead says “Natural products such as baking soda, herbs and essential oils have been widely used in kitchen cleaning due to their antibacterial properties.” Natural products like Lemon-grass, Tea tree, Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Lavender and Sage contain strong antimicrobial properties which make them very effective in cleaning. Some of the commercial cleaners include;
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • facial cleanser
  • toothpaste
  • exfoliant
  • silver cleaner
  • kitty litter
  • kitchen cleaner
  • fabric softener


A successful cleaning process involves having the surfaces sparkling. An ideal way of ensuring the surfaces remain sparkling is employing shampoo and using cleaning materials that are well washed. You may also use a paste made from blending water and baking soda to wipe the surfaces. Ensure to dry the surfaces well after cleaning and this should be done using a clean and dry piece of cloth or sponge.


Some smells may be a bit nasty and challenging to get rid of in the kitchen. The following simple tips will guide you into keeping odours at bay effectively.
      1. Keep your fridge clean
Your refrigerator should be cleaned regularly. After emptying the fridge, mix 3 tablespoons of baking powder in a spraying bottle and use it to clean the interior of the fridge.
      1. Clean your drains
Garbage disposals and drains tend to trap bad smell in them. You may pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the drain on a monthly basis to keep it clear.
      1. Freshen up your bin
The bin can harbour germs which results in bad smell. Use water, vinegar or a germ killing disinfectant on the garbage and recycling bins to keep them clean and odour free.
      1. Make ovens and stovetops shine
Food spills and grease on stovetops and in ovens can become very smelly. Scrub the stovetop using vinegar and water to eliminate grime and grease.
    1. Keep sponges fresh
Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria which causes bad smell. It is therefore important to ensure that they are fresh and in good shape to keep the bad smell at bay.


Use the following tips on each of the following areas to get rid of the stains successfully; Cupboards (inside and out)
  • Sand the surface lightly using a fine grit sandpaper.
  • Make frequent pauses to wipe the dust away.
  • This process should be repeated until the stains within and outside the cupboard are eliminated.
Ovens It is advisable make a cleaning paste by mixing baking soda and water for stain removal from the oven. Wipe the oven using the paste and use a clean and damp cloth to dry the oven. Stoves and Rangehoods Mix 1 tablespoon of salt and one of baking soda. Add a tablespoon of water to make a stove cleaning paste. You may then dip a rag into the paste and use it to scrub the stains away. Pour the paste on overflows since it absorbs liquid to eliminate stains caused by food spilling. Fridges Empty your fridge and wipe the interior well with a sponge. Baking soda is ideal for this exercise since it absorbs the “fridge smell” that occurs. Dishwashers
  • Remove the filter and soak it in warm and soapy water for about ten minutes before replacing.
  • Pour a single cup of vinegar in the empty dishwasher and run a thorough clean cycle.
  • Sprinkle a cup of baking soda into the dishwasher’s bottom and leave it overnight.
  • Scrub the remaining dirty areas gently using a toothbrush
Kitchen sinks Empty the sink and use soapy water and a sponge to wipe the sink after completing your dishwashing process. Use a damp piece of cloth to dry the sink and leave it sparkling. Floors – wood and tile Making an all-natural Hardwood floor cleaner is easy. Moreover the cleaner is very effective in floor cleaning. The natural floor cleaner is a mixture that includes a cup of Vinegar, 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap and warm water.

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Rude awakenings and I may be a plague on the State Tourism Trade

 Babyface, my beloved Rheumy, moved out of the country this month. Which got me to thinking – my first Rheumy and every last person I’ve ever dated have all left the state after our break-ups. I can’t help but start to wonder, is it’s me?
 The brand of pain-in-the-ass that would drive people that far away isn’t really the point, but it does explain why yesterday found me in a meeting with a New Doc that started with the never ending interview with Mr. Intern and plenty of goofiness on my behalf.
 What could go wrong? Apparently, everything.
 I was trying so hard to adult right, y’all. I mean, I was in an atmosphere that screamed, “Serious things happen here!” Which only meant the urge to act like a giant kid became too powerful a pull, like the Dark Side summoning Anakin.
Mr. Intern: “How many years have you smoked?”
Me: “Since I was 18. So that’s…36 years. No! Wait…18. No! Wait…”
Hubby: “Are you kidding me? Chris, it’s 26 years.”
Me:  “26 years! Sorry. I didn’t want to use my fingers because I was trying not to look stupid.”
Hubby & Mr. Intern: “How’d that work out for ya?”
 By this point my mascara, the only makeup I’d worn, was running down my cheeks in a torrent of giggle-tears. And I was on a roll.
Mr. Intern: “What do you do for a living?”
Me: “Professional smartass?”
Mr. Intern: “…”
Me: “That’s not a real job, is it?”
Mr. Intern: “…”
Me: I’m a writer. I write things.”
 Poor Hubby was sitting next to me, hiding his face in his hands and ever so slightly shaking his head. I’m guessing because there was no way to claim he didn’t know me.
pixie.c.d. - Rude awakenings and I may be a plague on the State Tourism Trade
 After 30 minutes of this, a confused Mr. Intern left the room to fetch the Doc. So I killed time by making guppy faces and showing Hubby how well I could add and subtract when I could use my fingers to help.
pixie.c.d. - Rude awakenings and I may be a plague on the State Tourism Trade
 Then my new Rheumatologist walked in and everything changed. This woman wasn’t amused by my kooky hijinks. Nor was she understanding about the way I’d ditched most of my Team of healthcare people. She was actually more…annoyed would be a good word to use.
My version of my truth: I have glitches that I find ways to live around. They’re by no means life threatening, just annoying. So I take meds to deal with the symptoms and keep on keepin’ on, on my own terms.
Her version of my truth: I have an illness that isn’t serious. Yet. The goal is to keep it that way. I deal with things by not dealing with them. I take my health for granted in a way that is not only bad for my health but a slap in the face to the patients she treats who don’t have that luxury. And the ridiculousness needs to stop here.
 So I did what any mature person would do and threw a temper tantrum all the way home. Because I have issues with authority figures. And difficulty functioning in an environment devoid of all nonsense.
 After an extended tirade that covered such topics as life isn’t fair, the new Doc is a meany and I don’t wanna *insert medical test here*, I took a long nap and then messaged the Nurse Practitioner of Awesomeness.
 “It won’t really work to throw a fit and declare that I quit with this whole being sick thing, will it?”
 She proved her awesomeness by simply answering, “No.”
 I didn’t choose to end up with a body that doesn’t like to play nice. I did, however, choose to ignore it and play ditch the Doc with everyone but my Rheumatologist. And now I’m faced with the choice to either follow the rules (and my frequent advice to others) and take this shit seriously or continue on the path I’m on playing pretend that it’s not that big a deal.
 Of course, that’s a choice that’s not really a choice at all, is it?
 So my fun begins again with the bazillion appointments, the pouting over tests I don’t wanna take, and figuring out the best way I can bring a little nonsense to a no-nonsense situation without pushing it over the line.
 Facing the reality of a chronic illness is, without question, a serious thing. I’m just not a serious person. If I couldn’t laugh at the things that scare the living shnikies outta me, I’d lose what little mind I have left. And that, my friends, is most certainly not an option.
PS  About that thing with the exes…really guys, is it me!?!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Am Not My Disorder: The Girl’s Story

 Yesterday I opened an email from The Girl – an email containing a request to guest post and a piece of writing. And just like that, my Mother’s heart filled with all manner of warm and fuzzy feelings, pride being the frontrunner.
 Back in April I wrote about the guilt I felt over having a child with a mental illness. I also said I wouldn’t write about their journey because it was their story to tell, if and when they were ready.
 That email I mentioned? Said she was ready.
The Girl’s Story
pixie.c.d. - I Am Not My Disorder: The Girl's Story
 Over the course of my twenty-two years I’ve let a lot of things define me. I am a writer, a poet, a dreamer, a sister, a daughter and a student. I have a 3.0 GPA in college and am working on a degree that only three other people are going for in my school. Four people in an entire school are working toward and English Literature degree, that astounds me beyond words. I am nearly finished with my path to conversion and will, as of next week, be Jewish. I cannot begin to express the joy that all of the things bring into my life, but that is something to discuss another day.
 What I refuse to let define me is the very thing I’ve been hiding for over a year, something that started at the beginning of the school year last fall and hasn’t gone away. I was scared and maybe even in a bit of denial, not wanting to admit that what was going on was getting bad until it was so out of hand that I couldn’t hide it and had no choice but to talk to someone.
 A couple of my close friends will know I’ve been bouncing through therapists since early April. By “Bouncing through” I mean I was having trouble finding someone who would listen to me. Living in a small town, surrounded by other small towns unless you want to drive an hour, there weren’t a lot of options on where to go. It took me three months just to find one who listens to me, who I feel comfortable enough with that I can talk about what’s really going on. Since February, my parents and brothers have been my rocks. They’ve been with me every step of the way. My mom’s been my biggest supporter, even going to appointments with me and listening to all the crazy days of tears or angry screams, reminding me that problems like this often takes years to be diagnosed.
 It took me about four months and a bad decision to be diagnosed. A few weeks ago I finally managed to get an appointment with a psychiatrist in a town about half an hour away, close to where my therapy appointments are. I calmly explained to her my symptoms and it’s been determined that stress has been the trigger for everything. I swallow my stress, in doing so I’ve given myself some pretty bad anxiety and a lot of other problems, I didn’t even know how bad it was until it became out of control. As a way to try and lessen the stress and maybe help some of the symptoms, I was prescribed some antidepressant and antipsychotic medication. And that is how I found myself where I am now.
 The antidepressant didn’t take away my anxiety. In fact, it made it worse and spiraled me into a manic phase that I’m only beginning to come down from. I felt fine, I felt like I could run a marathon or swim miles through the ocean. I wasn’t sleeping and was living off soda and candy bars. I had all these brilliant ideas that seemed like the best thing ever, but before I could follow through with one I’d think of another, my thoughts moving so fast that I couldn’t focus on anything to save my life. But I felt fine, I wanted to cut my hair and tattoo myself. I even thought about giving myself new piercings, who needs to go pay someone for that, anyway? I wanted to run around and party. I felt like I could do anything and I never had to sleep.
 I didn’t do any of that. Not because I didn’t want to, but when I started acting differently my family, specifically my mom and dad, were aware enough of it that they sat me down. My mom told me that she thought I was entering a manic phase and was watching me. I asked her if she’d accompany me to my next appointment and took the action of locking myself inside the house. I wanted to do so many things, stupid things just for the hell of it. Because, why not? I was bored. But I didn’t.
 Enter the second psychiatrist appointment. I was so distracted by silly things, like the pictures on the wall or my own thoughts, that I couldn’t finish most of my sentences, fortunately mom was following my disjointed thought pattern and finished every one of them, even adding her own comments. The doctor told me I should’ve called, and instructed me to stop taking the antidepressants, promptly starting me on a heavy dose of lithium.
 I am bipolar. Because of the reasons I began to go to start with, I’m Bipolar Type One. The diagnosis was a mixed bag of things. At the time it was given I was so relieved to finally have an answer, especially one that explained why I was experiencing what I was. But, as I come down from the manic phase and am able to think more clearly, I’m finding that while I’m relieved, I have to remind myself again and again that this changes nothing. I’m still the same person I was before. I’m not the disorder and I won’t let the stigma define me. I remind myself that I may not need to be on medication my entire life, but for now it is necessary to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle. I tell myself I need to stop some of the things I’ve been doing, things that aren’t healthy and will only make the disorder worse.
 Now, of course, all I want to do is sleep. It feels as though all the weeks of sleep I missed out on is catching up to me all at once. Each day I feel a little more like the ‘me’ I know and less like ‘manic me’ that can’t tell anything’s wrong. I have an answer, and I was lucky and got it a lot faster than I expected I would. Now my goal is to focus on getting myself into a better place, and learning new ways to deal with it.
pixie.c.d. - I Am Not My Disorder: The Girl's Story  One thing I can’t shake is the idea that some of my friends will stop speaking to me after this comes out, that they’ll hear the name of the beast and think I’m a freak or that somehow overnight I’ve changed. But the thing is, I haven’t. I’m still the same girl I’ve always been, that hasn’t changed. What’s changed is there’s a name to call the beast, a way to address it when I tell it I am stronger than it is. I will not let it consume me and I am not my disorder. I refuse to let the stigma push me down and hide part of me like it’s something I should be ashamed of. I’m choosing not to be ashamed; I’m choosing not to hide because I have no reason why I should. I am not my disorder, I’m stronger than it and I haven’t changed. I’m the same girl I’ve always been.
I Am Not My Disorder
I am not my disorder
I am in charge of my life,
What I know is right
I’m a survivor, a fighter
I’m the decider of my destiny
I am not my disorder
I will not let the stigma define me
Or be all that people see.
I am the same beautiful, caring girl I was before
The same me you’ve always seen
I am my friend and my own worst enemy
My mind is my safe haven
And my toughest battle
I am in charge of my fate
I am the master of my life
I will fight the stigma
I am not my disorder
I am simply me, the same me you’ve always seen.